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Precision irrigation, connected!

For market gardening, nurseries,

urban agriculture and green spaces,

Golf and Smart Cities

Centralized watering according to the weather, every day.

Awards and certifications

Ancre certifications

Innovation Winner

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efficient and profitable solution to protect the environment

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Gold medal,
special jury prize


Our latest achievements

The largest infrastructure in New Caledonia for the production of local and/or endemic plants, the Prony Resources nursery produces more than 300,000 plants per year.

The entire nursery is now managed by Aqualone.

Not only does it control watering according to real-time climatic conditions, but it also monitors humidity and temperature in each platform, alarms in the event of deficit or excess, connected management of filtration, and monitoring of the cold bank for seed conservation.


DUMBEA golf course

Since the entire wired network of this site is out of order, we were asked to re-automate the watering at a lower cost, and without interrupting operations.

For two years, the greens and tees of this magnificent site have regained a quality of play worthy of world-class golf courses!

The green keeper is finally freed from a chore: watering management is in his pocket!

The water and energy savings achieved by our solution finally pave the way for eco-certification



The government opted for the Aqualone Connect solution as part of the rationalization of water management.

The results are clear:  

- Lawns worthy of the stadium's reputation (remember the 1998 World Cup!)

- Beyond 60% of water saved since our arrival in the field in 2021.

The Official N'DU Cricket Stadium

This stadium has also benefited from a complete migration to our solution, to the delight of its passionate players, and again there are water savings never achieved before. 

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The new city center

In the realization of the Dumbéa Center project, we collaborate with Secal. The synergy created by uniting our skills was a real source of inspiration. We look forward to the idea of collaborating with them again on the climate management of the watering of allotment gardens, and the announced extension of the city's green spaces... connected!


les serres de Sud Forêt


“Develop the forest-timber sector
using sustainable practices »

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DEVA golf course

The first stage of our collaboration was the study and the realization of the gravity feeding of the golf course.

For two years, the pumping station has been shut down, generating free energy for the entire installation.

We are looking forward to implementing the long-awaited climate and connected golf irrigation management project!

The production of soilless crops represents an enormous challenge because of their complexity of implementation. We took up this challenge in 2021 by taking charge of controlling the irrigation and fertigation of some 120,000 strawberry plants.

Despite the vagaries of the weather (2 cyclones!), the production was a success.

We are now awaiting the results for this year 2022, and look forward to expanding our facilities to peach and fig orchards....

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PAITA Strawberries

In progress !

The Caledonian Agronomic Institute


The Agricultural Research Station (SRA) of Pocquereux (La Foa) extends over 90 hectares and hosts many experimental orchards dedicated to tropical fruit crops. 

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