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Zero energy, total autonomy!
Comment ça marche

How it works

General principle

Aqualone is a watering/irrigation programmer with multiple advantages:

It's a low-tech system, operating completely autonomously without the need for electricity or batteries.

It triggers watering only when the soil needs it; it faithfully reproduces the behavior of the soil-plant-climate system.

There's no more tedious and unlikely programming; watering is finally triggered naturally according to in situ climatic conditions and the real needs of the crops to be irrigated.

This is in direct contrast to electronic timers, which water regardless of the weather and require a constant supply of electrical energy.


Optimized yield

By listening to actual climatic demand, Aqualone delivers water savings of 50% on average compared with timer-based systems.

The induced effect of watering according to plant needs considerably increases yields. In the absence of water stress and root asphyxia, plants develop optimally. We know, for example, that the bioavailability of potash and calcium depends directly on the plant's level of water comfort. The result is a reduced risk of disease development and, potentially, a source of fertilizer savings.


A very simple, Plug-&-Play, repairable system!

Aqualone is made up of simple, robust, reliable and inexpensive components (hydraulic control valve controlled by a magnetized float, porous ceramic receptacle, anti-UV plastic support and cover).  It's completely repairable! If the ceramic is broken, it can easily be reproduced in a local pottery workshop..

Immediate and intuitive to use

The Aqualone controller can be placed on a flat surface, or mounted on a vertical panel away from predators. It connects to the irrigation zone's main valve via a 6 MM hose.


A single adjustment knob on the controller's cover lets you define cycle intervals ranging from three sequences per day, to one cycle every three days*... Depending on the local weather, and in real time!

* Intervals calculated and observed at a sunny temperature of 30°c.

When the weather is overcast or evapotranspiration is reduced (cool and/or windless), the intervals will be greatly increased.

In the event of rain, runoff feeds the ceramic container and prevents it from being triggered.

On the other hand, if the weather is hot, dry and windy, the cycles will be spaced less far apart than the reference value (in these conditions, we have observed up to five daily triggers when the setting is set to three cycles/day).

The system consists of three separate parts for easy maintenance:

  1. The cap-trigger assembly, with its associated float, can be locked onto the support and immobilizes the ceramic container,

  2. The porous ceramic element is removable for easy cleaning,

  3. The holder can be mounted on a wall or horizontally.


The permissible length of the 6 mm control hose between the controller and the watering valve is 5 meters, and the quick-connect fittings are "John Guest" type.

Simplistic technology

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Hydro-valve associated with the controller

The choice of the main valve and its ability to react strictly to commands from the Aqualone trigger make it extremely flexible and suitable for all configurations, making it an "all-purpose" valve. 

The graduated control knob allows you to set a watering duration from three to thirty minutes, depending on the amount of water required.

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A built-in extractable filter protects the entire control network from clogging, including the Aqualone controller.

Two sizes are available:

The 1 ½-inch valve size offers a flow range from 500 liters/hour to 20 cubic meters/hour,

while the 2-inch valve allows a flow range from 500 liters/hour to 40 cubic meters/hour!


Usable and permissible working pressure can vary from 0.7 to 10 bar,

Reliable, natural zoning

In the case of a multi-sector installation, an optional module installed on the hydro-valves can be used to prioritize opening according to the dynamic pressure available.

Indeed, when a valve is watering, the following valve(s) wait to be opened if the available pressure is insufficient.Once the first sector has finished watering, the following valve(s) can finally open.An adjustment knob allows you to precisely define the conditional opening pressure, individually and according to water availability!


Proven reliability


The simplicity of its design and its purely hydraulic operation by magnetic drive eliminate the various risks of failure encountered with electrical systems (in particular solenoids).

No electrical cables are required, simplifying installation and renovation of irrigation networks (CAPEX). Maintenance costs (OPEX) are also lower.There's no need to correct programming every week, change batteries, keep electrical connections dry, or manually stop irrigation in the event of rain.



Here are a few images of a system that has been in operation for two years, left voluntarily without any maintenance or cleaning:

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