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Here is our recipe for very simply controlling a complete irrigation installation.
Our innovative solution consists of three components linked to a program housed in a website.

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node cutout.png
node cutout.png

Connected equipment


LoRaWAN Private Network central unit and antenna


Aqualone climatic trigger.



The app

Connected objects

Only one of our satellites can activate a solenoid valve
and read soil temperature/humidity.
Without any wired connection to the programming unit, they thus offer serious installation savings.
Without the need for configuration or pairing,
Without worrying about battery life for years. thanks to the built-in solar panel that keeps the internal battery charged.

satellite function.png

They are available in two skins:
- Aerial for agriculture,
- Buried for public spaces,
golf courses, sports fields...

The same satellite installed near a pumping station is capable of simultaneously:

Control the pumping thanks to its integrated relay,
Read and record the flow rate of the pump,
Send a filtration clogging signal

The central unit comprises the following functions and elements:

  • A LoRa monopole antenna removable by male N-type connector, gain 3dBi, length 360mm, guaranteed coverage of 2 km radius (as an option, we offer an antenna with a gain of 5.8 dBi and a length of 800mm to cover greater distances),

  • An integrated 4G or Wifi internet communication (in the event of loss of network signal, the integrated software ensures the good continuation of the program according to its last configuration).

  • A battery-powered UPS provides 2 hours of operating autonomy in the event of a mains failure. In the event of a prolonged failure, the central unit restarts automatically as soon as power returns.

Mechanical specifications

Dimensions (excluding antenna):

H 190mm XL 120mm XP 80mm

IP 56 enclosure

Lower grommet for 230VAC power supply

Façade, mast or roof fixing provided by flanges

gangway flanges.jpg
Photo bridge flange.jpg
Ancre unité cetrale
Ancre satellites

Easy and limitless programming housed in a single interface.

The simple and user-friendly dashboard, accessible from PC, tab or mobile allows you to:

  • Define as many regions as there are corresponding sources of water supply,

  • In each region, create and manage an unlimited number of watering groups,

  •   Each group is fully configurable independently of the others,

  • Assign an infinite number of solenoid valves in each of the groups, and in one click move a solenoid valve from one group to another,

  • Freely define in each group an unlimited number of watering cycles at chosen times,

  • Choose between three watering start conditions in each group

  -  Hourly,

  - Schedule under condition of the ETa Aqualone trigger,

  -  Triggering by ETa without time condition,

  • Modify and adjust the watering time of each valve in each group,

  • Adjust the watering time of all the valves of the same group according to the ETP/season, 

  • Automatic sequence of opening of one or more valves simultaneously until reaching the maximum flow of the pumping station of the region (as soon as a valve finishes its irrigation, the following valve(s) open according to a time priority and /or cash),

  • Automatic start of the pumping station before the start of the cycle, and extinction at the end of watering,

  • Opening/closing forcing of each solenoid valve,

  • Visual indication of the region, group or valve being watered,

  • Real-time display of information such as:  humidity, temperature, pressure, water flow, electricity consumption...,

  • Triggers of configurable alarms and sending of emails,

  • Storage and history of all the information acquired for management, corrective actions... 

The ETa Aqualone climate trigger:

This device makes it possible to define the sequencing of the watering according to the climatic situation in real time of the site.

It will record the rainfall in real time and determine if watering is necessary:

For example, a simple adjustment makes it possible to prohibit all watering if a rainfall event of 5mm has taken place in the 8 hours preceding the request.


This device is a logical evolution of our low-tech climate controller adapted to our connected solution, for which we hold several international patents.

If you do not know us yet, here is a presentation film of this innovation with multiple awards:

Ancre déclencheur clima

In practice, see how disconcertingly easy our solution is:

Ancre menu user

Control page

This page invites you to program, force open valves and assign valves to one or more groups.

The page is divided into 3 tabs:


“Regions and Groups” tab , you choose the region and the group to program,

The group invites you to define:

  • The type of watering desired

  • The reference watering time (very useful to adjust the watering duration of the whole group according to the seasonal ETP),

  • The number of daily cycles,

  • Watering start times (a button in the "inactive" position temporarily neutralizes the corresponding cycle).


In the adjustment frame, you will be able to modify the watering duration of each solenoid valve independently of the others.


Manual valve override tab


This tab is used to force the opening of one or more valves.

Be patient, the transceivers have one communication per minute!

This function should not be used when a cycle is in progress.


Valve assignment tab


This table allows you to:

  • Define the number of desired groups in each region,

  • Assign each valve in one or more groups,

  • Name the valves as you see fit.


When accessing the link http: // , you are asked to identify yourself: you access your personal home page.


The program is presented in the form of two simple and intuitive pages:

  1. – The graphs page, which allows you to visualize in real time the humidity and temperature of each plot controlled by its solenoid valve,

  2. – The control page which contains all the functions useful for programming.

You will create as many groups as needed, then assign as many solenoid valves to either group, with one click.

Then you decide for each of the groups:

  - the number of cycles per day,

  - the watering duration of the group,

  - duration adjustment for each solenoid valve in the group,

  - the start time of the first cycle and the following cycles,

  - the choice of irrigation start (schedule, climatic ETR, thermostatic, solarimetric, etc.).

You don't have to worry about the rest:

  • If your farm has several water supply sources, the program will be adapted by us.  into as many regions (one region = one water source).

  • We enter the water availability (XL/h) for each region and the consumption of each solenoid valve (XL/h) according to the information provided.

Thus, the sectorization is calculated automatically, and no additional solenoid valve will be able to open until the flow rate is sufficient at the source.

  • The priority per solenoid valve is first hourly, then cash in the waiting list.

  • Each pumping station (or master valve) is automatically activated at the start of the cycle, and is cut off at the end of the water turn.

Ancre 1

The pages

Page(s) of soil humidity and temperature graphs

The values read are essential because they allow you to adapt the watering times and intervals according to the real needs of each sector.

The alarms in place instantly send you a message in the event of an abnormal value, indicating the cause and location of the problem.

To view a graph in full page in order to access the details; click on the name of the parcel, then on “view”. Press the "esc" key to exit.


To change the viewing period, click on the icon at the top right of the page. It is possible to obtain a history going back to the date of installation.

Ancre notice pages

The different watering trigger options

The strict time trigger mode is not conditioned by our Aqualone climatic trigger; watering starts at a time programmed by the user whatever the weather conditions.

This means is favored for crops in greenhouses or indoors, in  artificial conditions.


The climatic time mode differs from the previous one by its ability to trigger the cycles only if the soils need them.

When this mode is active, the Aqualone climatic trigger provides an accurate reading of rainfall; it is therefore very easy to condition the cycle starts according to the amount of rain that has fallen and the time spent preceding the programmed start.

cancel cycle.jpg

The climatic mode is favored for so-called field crops; watering cycles occur naturally based on real-time weather conditions.

The Aqualone climatic trigger is designed to adapt to the needs of soils according to ETa (actual Evapotranspiration).

watering frequency.jpg

The values offered are calculated on the basis of a sunny day at an average temperature of 30°C.


The thermostatic and thermostatic time modes are particularly suitable for triggering misting cycles in greenhouses in order to maintain a desired temperature and hygrometry.


The solarimetric mode offers the possibility, when an installation is equipped with our luxmeter satellite, to launch a (first) cycle at daybreak, for example.

Ancre 2 options type arrosae
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